Our motto here at Pilates of Cherry Creek is “Pilates for Every Body” and all of our instructors do their best to wholeheartedly live up to that motto. No matter your body’s current status, age, or level of fitness, Pilates can benefit every body type out there! We have a wide range of clients at our studio, each with their own specific needs and goals. We asked Pilates student Terri Vitale to share why Pilates works for her, and why (most importantly) she keeps coming back!

Here’s what she had to say…

I've been doing Pilates for a year and a half. I started because Veronica, another Pilates of Cherry Creek client, kept nagging my daughter, Taylor, to encourage me to come. I knew nothing other than it was a form of exercise. I had been feeling old as dirt and recently heard someone say “people don't stop exercising because they get old, but they get old because they stop exercising."

But I needed to be coaxed into the world of Pilates. I'm timid to enter new situations, especially when I know I might make a fool of myself. It's hard to step into that kind of situation. I worried about what I would wear and if I might look silly. But all these worries went away once I was actually in a class.

I can honestly say Pilates has strengthened (and continues to strengthen!) my brain as well as as my body. I had such difficulty reacting to instructors’ directions at first. My cognitive thinking continues to grow as I practice Pilates. I'm still learning the names of muscles (Kegel!?). I didn't realize how much I didn't know about my own body! I'm more confident about my everyday capabilities such as balancing when I reach to wash a window, swinging a golf club, gardening, etc. Even when I'm grocery shopping I find myself thinking about opening my sternum, lowering my shoulders, and knitting my ribs together!

Pilates of Cherry Creek is my one and only studio. The teachers I learn from aren't afraid to touch me, showing me exactly how a position should look. That's incredibly important to me. I don't want a teacher who secretly shrugs her shoulders and accepts less than what I'm capable. Every time I go to Pilates, I need to hear the basics. My teachers are patient and have the all important expectations needed for me to grow.

Terri is 67 years young and comes in to each class ready to find new ways to approach her weekly workout. Her body has improved since she walked in that first day. She is always willing to learn something new, always willing to hear the same correction over and over because she knows that our instructors are there to help her, both in the studio and out!

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