We are so excited to welcome back Katie Ross to the Pilates of Cherry Creek studio! For the past two years, she's been teaching exclusively for the City of Lakewood (COL), as it was closer to home.

Born and raised in Colorado, Katie holds a BS in civil engineering from Colorado State University and is a practicing civil engineer for Denver Water when she's not at the studio. Her teaching style is very representative of her engineering background: very direct cues and movements. 

In addition to the various classes she'll be teaching, Katie is working on Pilates classes for golfers. It's her goal that these classes and the Pilates practice will provide tangible lessons for swing mechanics. 

Get to know more about Katie in this Q&A below!

What inspired your return to PoCC? During my time at the COL, I taught mat and reformer classes, but I missed being in a studio teaching the various apparatuses. My husband and I recently downsized and moved to a town home at Sloan's Lake so the move back to PoCC made sense. I’m lucky Debbie and Clara welcomed me back with open arms, it really feels like going home.

When did you start teaching Pilates and what inspired you to get into it? I started practicing Pilates in 2008 after several shoulder surgeries with the hopes that it would build strength and increase my joint stability. I began teaching in 2010 after seeing positive results in my own body. The Pilates method just made sense to me from my very first class. I love that the practice can be adapted for so many various body issues and still be effective in building strength.

When you're not teaching Pilates, what are you doing? Outside of work I enjoy my time staying active outside, cooking, traveling with my husband and spending time with my family.

If you could teach Pilates in three of the most unexpected places, where would those be?

  1. Ireland, specifically in Killarney, which is a town I love near the Ring of Kerry and some amazing golf courses.
  2. On the rooftop deck of my town home where I have views of Pike's Peak to the south, Sloan's Lake and the mountains to the west, and Downtown Denver to the east.
  3. Cascina Papaveri (The Poppy Farmhouse) in Italy. Although it closed earlier this year, this place had always been on my wish list since it was a Pilates studio and cooking school in the Piedmonte region.

You'll be teaching Pilates classes for golfers at PoCC. What's your golf background? My parents started me at age 5, and I enjoyed every minute on the course. The game, however, wasn't great for my shoulders and I underwent four shoulder surgeries in eight years. After my fifth shoulder surgery last year, I made the educated decision to “retire” from golf. My husband and I share a love of the game, so it’s easy to still have touches by simply walking a course with him. Now I’m working on watching my husband’s swing mechanics and how Pilates can help his game.

What are the specific benefits of Pilates for golf and why is it important to do the conditioning on a regular basis? Generally speaking, Pilates improves muscular deficiencies and imbalance within the body. For a golfer, the method will condition the core (which needs to be thought of in the complete 360 degree sense), improve flexibility and balance, and increase range of motion. 

One example of a body deficiency is tight hips that translate to less range of motion and less torque to generate power through the swing. Pilates can help open the hips and improve rotation to increase swing power. The biggest benefit with Pilates that is not often thought of is learning how to move correctly, which translates for a golfer into a more powerful swing that can eliminate wasted movement.

With cooling temps, is now a good time for golfers to get working on their Pilates?

Ideally, golfers work on their conditioning year-round, especially in Colorado where we can golf 12 months out of the year, but it is easier to dedicate more time in the “off-season” with the cooler temperatures.

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